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*Please Note, we do not handle Infectious Disease, COVID-19 or Bed Bug Infestation washes ! *

20% Off our Flat Rate (monthly laundry plan).

Salons/Spas Weekly Plans & Monthly Plans - Contact Us for More!

A Fe​w Words About Us

In 2021, we decided to add more skincare to our already skin focused mission. Care Bags, monthly on-the-go skin friendly products in a cute bag along with other skin care to help your skin be nourished and ready for the Summer and Winter.

Beginning in 2020, we are a family & woman owned & operated natural and personal laundry care service aiming to keep you and the environment in mind. We only use washing liquids/powders from company's that have earned an A from the EWG, plus our preferred washing and softening compositions holds no health concerns and are Eco-Friendly. We developed the idea of being a natural laundry care service from dealing with the pains of sensitive skin through various generations of our family. Seeing the need for a laundry service that has everyone in mind, we offer something a little different from the norm, a Sensitive Skin and Baby Wash with a personal touch.


To assist all skin types in the day to day by providing a wash that is healthy for you and your family while looking out for our planet.

Why Choose US

Natural and personal laundry care for ALL!  

- We use washing means and scrubbing mediums that are Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

- Per the EWG VERIFIED™ program's standard, products are green certified and come from company's that are given an A scoring.

-Our Preferred washing means is recognized by the NEA and is ECOLOGO® Certified.

- Pick Up & Delivery (20 mile radius from Boston, MA)  Pick-Up & Delivery Available, 10am-4pm & 7pm-9:30pm  3-4 days turnaround.

-Same Day Service is available at an additional $20.00.  Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays only.  Order by 10am and laundry is delivered at/by 9pm.

-Next Day Service is an additional $13.50.  Order by 10am and laundry is delivered the next day at/by 9pm.

- Avoid environmental contaminants with recyclable goods (eco-friendly).

- Free of Optical Brighteners and other skin irritants.

- Steaming is now available by request, giving your clothes a sanitizing feel and wrinkle free look.

Visit our  Laundry page.

- Regular washes are available.

-We offer Care Bags, our version of beauty bags with a clean beauty mission for sensitive and other skin types.  Also new skin care items to help your skin feel good year round.

- Skip the laundromat and free up your time, while we do the dirty work and you'll feel good about your Care-Full Clean.


Our mission is to Care for your clothes with less ingredients of concern by providing a natural wash for you and your family, including baby and those with sensitive skin, to help all skin not feel so vulnerable.


EWG = Environmental Working Group            NEA = National Eczema Association