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     COVID-19 Updates     

*Please Note, we do not handle Infectious Disease, COVID-19 or Bed Bug Infestation washes ! *

20% Off our Flat Rate (monthly laundry plan).

Salons/Spas Weekly Plans & Monthly Plans - Contact Us for More!

This Policy is for Laundry and the Flat Rate Plan Only!  

Items/Products have a separate Policy.

Flat Rate  & Laundry Plan Info

The Flat Rate Plan:

Our monthly laundry plan that is flexible and comes with a free gift. 

We will place you on a specific day for pick-up, according to your area, that will keep in line with our transport schedule.  Your choice of a Natural Wash, Regular Wash, Baby Wash or Sensitive Skin Wash.  See more on washes by going to Our Washes Page.  Feel free to suggest a detergent of your choice, preferably one that is skin friendly as well as eco-friendly.  You can send from 7lbs-40lbs up to 4 loads) that equals to half of one of my bags, up to 2 of my bags. Besides regular clothing, sheet sets and small throw blankets are included and must be part of the 2 bags max.  

Quilts, pillows, bed blankets and comforters are additional, see our Pricing page.  We provide you with One (1)   bag, Additional bags are extra.  If you need to send in an extra bag of laundry (1 additional bag) there will be an additional fee.  Please call or text before sending extra laundry. Don't forget, the flat rate plan comes with a free gift!

Pick Up - Delivery:

You can choose once a week, once every two weeks, a swop or even a pick up twice in one week. 

Pick up/Delivery is usually 9am-4pm Mon. thru Sat.  If you need a specific time frame that would best fit your schedule, just let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

Choose Your Flat Rate for check out below: 

One Month now $52.00, pay once a month, great value.  Payments are due the first week of each month and recurring payments are available!  

Missing / Lost / Damaged Items

Missing, lost or even damaged items can cause panic, anxiety and/or frustration.  Rest assure that we try our best to keep your laundry in order with care.  Care-Full Clean's goal is to provide a clean, safe and courteous service you can trust.  

- Missing Items:  

If something is missing, please notify us immediately, most likely it is in lost n found.  Once your item is found, we can either hold the item until your next laundry schedule, postal mail it or coordinate a day and time frame a driver can drop off to you.

- Lost Items:  

When something is reported missing and we cannot locate the item, we can replace the item.  You will need to provide a receipt for the item and a claim will be filed with Care-Full Clean's insurance.  A claims representative from Care-Full Clean's insurer will contact you to verify the claim.  Once the claim has been approved, you will have to sign an affidavit that no longer holds Care-Full Clean nor it's insurer liable for anything pertaining to that particular situation.   Once the signed affidavit is received, a check will be sent to you in the amount of the value on your provided receipt.  This procedure normally takes 2-3 weeks, though can take longer due to staff restrictions during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

- Damaged Items:  

Fall under the same procedure as with lost items, though a picture of the damage must be provided.

You can begin to report your item missing or damaged item by contacting us by phone, text or email.

Phone / Text 617-953-3876    Email [email protected]